1. You will receive and review the Partnership Information and promptly return the completed confidential application to the Corporate office.

2. Our Business Development Manager will review the application.

3. An appointment is set with qualified candidate to visit the Corporate office, where the candidate will then be disclosed with our current Disclosure Document.

4. A questionnaire is completed by the applicant. A background check and credit history report is obtained by the Corporate office and reviewed.

5. The Partnership Review Committee notifies candidate that they are approved or denied.

6. A Partnership Agreement is sent to the approved candidate to be signed and the partnership fee is paid. You can learn more about this at Initial Investment. Login and password to the Marketing Material page under the Corporate site is provided to the approved partner.

7. The approved partner attends orientation in Lincoln, Nebraska.

8. We will create an initial website layout for the approved marketing partner’s specific territory location. Follow the prepared process for new Partner Implementation and Start up.

9. Final Steps are initiated and Start up in your territory begins.